Duster and an opponent face off in the Duck Hunt Tournament.

Vin Con 2017

Several Lore Masters from the Tavern went to a vintage gaming convention this past weekend. The convention is aptly called Vin Con. Over 60 video game consoles and roughly 15 old school arcade machines were set up for guests to play. The consoles dated back as far as second generation consoles, possibly further. Several of the systems looked older. The Lore Masters wandered through the consoles as if they were in a museum, discussing the consoles they had owned personally and the games that they played on them.

“I liked that they had so many working examples of vintage consoles. I especially thought that the laser disks were cool, as even when they were current they were a rarity.” ~Cypheron

The rose tinted glasses of nostalgia brought memories of staying up all night to beat different video games. ~Ari’deth

KaiWDK discovered an old friend by the name of Q in a Street Fighter arcade game. Our best guess is that it was a Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike machine. Anyhow, she proceeded to stomp the snot out of several of the other Lore Masters.

“It was a game that I hadn’t thought about in a long time. I remember playing it when I was really little, but at that age I didn’t think to learn the name of it or how sentimental the game would be when I was older.” ~KaiWDK

The convention featured many tournaments in which guests could compete. The games varied from Pong on the Atari 2600 to Mario Kart 8 on the Switch. AspenWDK, Cypheron, and Duster entered the Duck Hunt tournament. The players shot through two consecutive rounds on the two-duck difficulty with the highest score moving up in rank. Ties were settled with a clay pigeon shooting match. AspenWDK blasted her way to 2nd place before a gunslinger by the name of Mick bested her. She accepted her defeat stating, “gg.”

“There is no shame in being PWNED by a worthy adversary.” ~AspenWDK

Of course, there were plenty of other activities at the convention. The Lore Masters played several booth games. One game featured a 5 foot long Buster sword that weighed quite a bit, as it was made of actual metal. Duster beat the Temple of Doom, which was a game that involved avoiding traps on the floor. He made the game look ridiculously easy.

“Do it Indiana Jones style. Whip onto a support structure on the ceiling and swing over.” ~Duster

Other notable activities included the cosplay contest, the vendor section, the awesome artists and the PlayStation Virtual Reality Library.

The Buster Sword of Awesomeness
...yes, it has a laser attached to it.
A gigantic metal Buster Sword replica.

An awesome Gigan costume.
A pixelated 2d cosplay monster costume.

Scavengers Odyssey was one of the games featured in the VR library.

“I looked down at my hands and realized that I was no longer human.” ~AspenWDK

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