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Hail friends,

I’m glad to see that you have not died from your last encounter. Today I want to discuss a game that I personally enjoy playing called WildStar. To start, WildStar is a multiplayer fantasy role-playing game. The game takes place on the newly found Nexus, a fictional planet, where two warring factions fight to dominate the planet. On one side of the war are the Dominion. An expanding galactic empire that is focused on controlling the galaxy. They view Nexus as a sacred place and believe it is their responsibility to control it. The other faction in the war are the Exile, a renegade formed Alliance who were run off their home world by the Dominion and they want to claim Nexus as their new home.

However, while the two fight, a mystery is embedded in the core of Nexus. The planet Nexus was once inhabited by advanced entities known as the Elden, who for some unexplainable reason have disappeared from existence, leaving advanced technology and secrets for players to discover.

There are so many reasons I enjoy playing WildStar. One of the main reasons is that this game gives the players the ability to choose how they want to play. WildStar provides War plots, raids, pvp battlefields, solo and group dungeons, and has a kick ass story line. I’m partial to playing a game that has a deep plot. I also love exploring places and WildStar has plenty of ruins, landscapes and caves to explore. Of course, I also love that I can play the game with friends.

Another reason I enjoy WildStar, is that it provides amazing customization. I personally enjoy customizing avatars and housing. Most MMOs have player housing, but WildStar Has taken it to another level. They have enabled players to give their personal touch to a huge chunk of the world. I was surprised to find that players can change music and lighting to fit their preferences. The most common customization are the mounts. The combat customization is superb. Designed to allow the player to choose how they want to fight. Personally, I enjoy scrambling around the battle field wreaking havoc upon my foes while jumping from place to place. However, some of my fellow adventurers enjoy dealing large blast of energy and taking heavy damage. With WildStar, we have been able to customize attacks to best suit our party’s fighting needs.

If you enjoyed this post, let me know I will be happy to discuss WildStar or any other RPG. Until we meet again, farewell.


  1. Great game. I like that the devs built in special things for those of us that enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of a game.

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