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Who am I? by Matthew McEvoy

Hail Adventurers! A courier arrived at the tavern today with a letter from one, Matthew McEvoy. He is entrusting a poem to us that highlights the many roles that we take on as adventurers.


Who am I?

I am a warrior

I am a mage

A hero

A zero

A villain

I use sticks and mice

buttons and keys

I bring people to their knees

I protect the weak

I protect the strong

I am a soldier

A hunter

I have saved kings

Saved the world

I have destroyed the world

I solved many puzzles

Failed many puzzles

I have survived dungeons

I have started a war

I have survived the war

I have served the gods

Defied the gods

I have seen many things in our universe

I have been to Mars

I never left Earth

I have been around the world

I never left home

Who am I?


Do you have a unique gaming story or do you write gamer poetry? Tavern Lore might allow you to share it, providing that it is appropriate, doesn’t violate copyright, and fits within the scope of  role playing games, fantasy, or adventure. If interested, let us know by leaving a message in the form on the Contact page.

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