A blue colored biological microscopic virus.

Unique Game Diseases

Your adventures need not be limited to the apocalypse when considering the danger of disease. Here are some of the more unique afflictions that we have encountered.

Pox of Lechuck

In Tales of Monkey Island, an undead abomination and fearsome pirate by the name of Lechuck gets stabbed by Guybrush Threepwood causing Lechuck to lose his voodoo essence. Some of the essence seeped into Guybrush’s hand, while the rest of it became airborne and infected many pirates in the Gulf of Malange. Notably, the pox only affects pirates.

Symptoms include: green blotchy skin, a foul mouth, and random outbursts of hostility.


Acute Aphasic Pretendicitis

Acute Aphasic Pretendicitis can be found in Strong Bad’s cool game for attractive people. The affliction is unique in the sense that it is make believe. The characters in the game know it is imaginary and the only way to cure it is to have a pretendectomy, which removes the pretendix.

Symptoms include: a high fever, uncontrollable shaking, and loss of language comprehension.


Corrupted Blood –  WoW

The Corrupted Blood plague went rampant in World of Warcraft in 2005. The illness is unique, as it was spread throughout game as a result of a programming issue in which the programmers forgot to set it to only affect the players who were participating in a specific raid. The plague was contracted by fighting Hakkar, the Soulflayer, in the dungeon of Zul’Gurub. It was a highly contagious disease that drained life. The effects only lasted  10 seconds, but players pets could catch the plague, which remained active if the pet was dismissed prior to the plague running its course. Thousands of low level characters were killed instantly as players would reactivate their infected pets in town.

Symptoms include: Severe bleeding and death.

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  1. I feel like the Vampire plague from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion deserves some love. That game made being a vampire feels useful with the various buffs and abilities, but it had enough serious downsides to make it feel like a actual disease. Using the various caverns and sewers to avoid the blistering sun was seriously a fun bit of role playing.

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