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The Warriors of Darkness (For FF14 Month)

The following contains spoilers for patches 3.1 to 3.4, between when the Warrior of Light defeats King Thordan and the Knights of the Round, to the defeat of the Warriors of Darkness. If you haven’t yet played up to the end of patch 3.4 Soul Surrender, I ask you get there first before continuing this post.

Spoiler Alert

That being said, let’s begin!

When we are first introduced to the Warriors of Darkness, we only see them merely as the antithesis to us, the Warrior of Light. Their power is quite comparable, leaving our comrades sprawling onto the floor after an attack. Their initial goal is made apparent to us: Cause destruction and chaos by taunting beast tribes into summoning their respective Primals, all in the effort to bring about a second calamity onto Eorzea. They also claimed the eyes of Nidhogg, which were then inadvertently used to summon yet another Primal, one of which has yet to be dealt with.

Such a group seems to care for nothing but maliciousness, yet such evil was never their original nature. The Warriors of Darkness were actually ones of Light, adventurers from another world that heard the call to arms and sought to protect those in need. Much like us, their roles began from humble beginnings, to then steadily increase to the point where they needed to take on bigger, more dangerous threats that inhabited their world. As Arbert, the leader of the group says in a forlorn tone,

“We were just adventurers trying to make our way… we never aspired to be Warriors of Light…
We fought and we fought and we fought… until there was no one left to fight.”

They had won. Good ultimately triumphed over evil, but as a result their reward was the Light of Hydealyn engulfing their world, nearly creating it into a white void. In this universe, both Light and Darkness were as one, until an event caused the two halves to split, fracturing their power, as well as the original world, into multiple iterations of itself, where the balance of Light and Dark differ depending on their position in the cosmic scale. In this case, the home of the Warriors of Darkness, referred to as the First, was heavily inclined with the Light, and the Warriors defeated their Darkness with ease, tipping the cosmic balance for their world off. Their plan, with aid from an outside source, was to create calamities onto the Eorzea that we knew, tipping the scales of Darkness closer to the Source, to which would push back the Light at the First and save it from the encroaching Light. In the end, it was thanks to the plotting of one of the Warrior of Light’s cohorts to bring all parties to Hydaelyn, the source of all Light, and make their pleas to Her in person. They were able to save the world of the First, and send the Warriors of Darkness home.

It raises a question worth exploring: Would we, as the sole Warrior of Light, do the same? Without knowing the voice of our character, as they are a voiceless protagonist, we can’t simply look into their mentality and gauge their actions appropriately. We do see their willingness to do what is right, or what is expected of them, but we don’t see their values or morals displayed. To the Warriors of Darkness’s credit, they are doing what they can to save their world from destruction, which ultimately meant sacrificing their own lives in order to inherit a power to transfer into different worlds, and forsaking their morals of harming innocents to achieving a goal they felt was justified.

So would the Warrior of Light do the same? Personally I would say no. I believe they would find any other alternative with the comrades they know, and the resources they have, to come up with a solution, rather than plunge another world into chaos.

So, what do you think of the Warriors of Darkness? Should they have gone to the lengths they did to save their world, or could there have been another way? Let’s hear what you think in the comments. Until next time, where I continue Final Fantasy 14 month with yet another unfortunate soul.

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