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Rigorian Coins – An Adventure Hook for Tabletop RPGs


This adventure hook is suitable for adventurers of any level and should only be used after the adventurers have recovered a large haul of coins from a dungeon or adventure. In most cases, Player Characters do not examine the currency found in dungeons very closely. After all, an 11.5 gram gold piece from the capital city is worth the same as an 11.5 gold piece from overseas, right?


In any merchant district in any city where the Player Characters are purchasing something from an outdoor vendor. The city should be large enough to have a seedy underbelly. Also, there is a chance that the Player Characters will try to run from the authorities, so it would be wise to ensure that there is something in town that is worth the trouble.


As the player characters pay for their items, the merchant notices something unusual about some of the coins that the players used as payment. The merchant quickly summons the town guards to inspect the coins.

Text to Read:

As you pay for your items, the merchant carefully inspects each coin before placing it on a scale. Halfway through the pile, he pauses and looks around anxiously as if searching through the crowd. He calls out, “GUARDS!” and points to your party. Two guards respond quickly. The taller of the two asks, “What’s the meaning of this?” The merchant states, “They tried to pay with Rigorian coins.”


Rigorian coins are illegally minted and they are used to purchase slaves, drugs, and evil magical items on the black market. Furthermore, they are not pure gold.


The coins would immediately be confiscated. The situation could lead to an interrogation of the party and possibly get them arrested. The Player Characters may try to make a quick getaway and be forced to sneak around town as they avoid the authorities. On the other hand, they might try to assist the authorities in figuring out where the coins came from.

This scenario provides you with plenty of options. Upon interrogation, the town officials may discern that the Player Characters are visiting the city and they are not carrying contraband, and therefore are unaware of their unfortunate circumstances. Alternatively, they may discover the Player Characters are carrying something illegal. Someone could even frame the Player Characters by planting something illegal on them.


  • The Player Characters must clear their names with the town officials.
  • (optional) The Player Characters might want to find a way to obtain their wealth back.
  • (optional) The Player Characters can assist the town officials in dealing with this problem.
  • (optional) The Player Characters might choose to take advantage of the situation, particularly if they have evil alignments.


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