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Meet The Tavern’s Scribe

When I was coming up with an for my first post to Tavern Lore, I found myself unable to make an idea stick. When it comes to trying to make a first impression, you want to tell the audience ‘this is who I am, and this is what I want to show you’. I thought of going straight for the most popular game and praising it like the sun to get attention, but the more I thought about it, the more I began to realize there is something else I could write about. Something that would carry on as a trend, a background thought, as we explore many different topics in the hopeful future to come.

Why do I like video games?

It’s a rather broad question when you think of it. Answers that will always be different depending on who you ask, and even then the similarities of the reason can bring different explanations. Perhaps the person is a sports fan and a little NBA 2k17 will help with a fix of Basketball before the next season comes. Maybe the person is a competitor at heart, and high energy player versus player games like Overwatch or Street Fighter 5 could fuel that fire. Puzzle solver? Phoenix Wright could be up their alley, or the Professor Layton series.

I, myself, am a person that loves creativity and a good story, and as such RPGs tend to be my go to choice of genre. I love how diverse a world can be in the story. If the story is good I’m left to keep playing to know what happens to these party members I gain, and want to know more about them. Do I care if I laugh? No, in fact the funnier the character or situation, the more entertained with the product I am. Do I care if I cry? Again no, because to me that shows great story telling, and that helps me become even more invested with what’s happened within the narrative.

So what about you, reader. Why do you like video games? We’d like to know what sort of interests you have in the comments section below. Until next time!


    1. Not as of yet. I’ve seen playthroughs of it and definitely love the aesthetic enough to give it a shot. It’s also recently on Steam, so that’s even more incentive to give it a shot. =)

  1. Good stories, characters and worlds are a must for me. I love being able to immerse myself in a different reality, become anyone I want to be. Particularly fantasy where magic and such things could never exist in our world. Particularly a fan of the Dragon Age series >.<
    Their characters all just seem real when you interact with them and I adore it.

    1. Also on another note, have you heard of Discord? It’s like Facebook crossed with Skype and it’s a chat type thing for gamers. If there was a discord server for the site that would rock! ^^;

    2. If it hadn’t been for the combat style, which to this day I don’t know why I haven’t been able to appreciate, I think I would’ve loved Dragon Age all that more too. Thankfully I had my brother playing it every once in awhile, as well as good Let’s Players on youtube to help fill in the gaps, to help me appreciate the story as a whole.
      (As an aside too, I deeply feel in love with Liliana’s Song and The Dawn Will Come.)

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