Meet the Tavern’s Lore Master

Greetings fellow adventurers, allow me to introduce myself. As the Lore Master of Tavern Lore, it is my responsibility to ensure that the tavern is well stocked and maintained.

As someone who was raised by what I will respectfully call, an original gamer in the 1980s, games and gaming culture have been interwoven into my life from an early age. I grew up listening to music from Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy. Video games have fine-tuned the nature of storytelling, allowing players to take an active part in the stories being told. As such, each of those stories has become part of my own. I had the privilege of leading an online guild in the days when the name Warcraft only referred to a real-time strategy game and “viral” videos were passed along via instant messaging programs. My fondest gaming memories are shared with the individuals in that guild. Over time we all moved on to different games and new adventures, but they will always live within a unique place in my heart.

As an adult, I’ve become interested in game design, the psychological aspect of gaming, and the incredible story arcs that are experienced through gaming. In college, I researched game based learning in higher education and found that many instructors are interested in using games for education in the classroom but they are restricted by boundaries within the education system, a lack of game based learning experience, and an overall stigma regarding games.

I love games that allow me to have a feeling of agency, which is a fancy way of saying that I want to feel like I have choices and that my choices impact the game. I also tend to favor games that have a rich story line. For these reasons, role playing games tend to be my genre of choice, though I enjoy most other genres as well. You can expect me to write about a variety of game related topics. I look forward to sharing my tales with you.

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