Elf is grabbing an arrow from her quiver.

Meet the Jack of all Trades

Well met stranger. I am Tavern Lore’s Jack of all Trades. When it comes to getting those pesky ghouls out of your attic or telling far-off tales of adventures, I’m your gal. The only skill I may never truly level up is archery. The saying “I use to be an adventurer like you,  until I took an arrow to the knee.” reigns true for me, literally…

If there is anything that I hope to convey to you my fair adventurers, it is that an arrow can indeed ricochet. To better explain, I must tell you my tale. While engaged in my studious endeavors to better myself, I had been given the opportunity to take an archery course by a skilled Ranger. During the course, I continually impressed my ill-starred mentor with how increasingly awful I was as wielding a bow and arrow. By the end of the course, I had proven to be able to stand properly and shoot the arrow. However, my aim was awe-inspiringly bad. Inevitably, I hit a metal bar on the target perfectly so that the arrow ricocheted back at me and grazed my knee. It was in that moment that I had to accept that one cannot master everything. However, the hard work that I put into improving my archery skills should not be disregarded for that is what truly matters.

I come from a long line of gamers. My passion for games is coded into my DNA. I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. Battling fierce monsters and defeating bosses is one of the highlights of my day. Unless it is fighting Kefka from one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy VI. I still have nightmares of his dissonant laughter plucking away in my head. I also enjoy rejuvenating my mind with strategic games like Pandemic, Pentago, or SmashUp. Furthermore, I adore single player games like Dark Cloud, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Age Origins. Those are the games in which I am immersed into the design of the game and I enjoy the unique personalities of the characters.

In my spare time, I study bizarre and enlightening tombs in hopes to better my skills. I also enjoy sitting down with a glass of butter beer and looking through my Pokédex. However, my love for the soothing cup of coffee, or what I like to call lavish mud, is strong. It’s probably what I most often choose to drink before a long adventure of D&D.

I am very excited to meet all of you and I hope to sit down and discuss games and tales with you. Till we meet again have a great journey and kill a dragon for me.

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