A crowded hallway at Gen Con 2017.

Gen Con 50th Anniversary!

Gen Con just wrapped up their 50th anniversary celebration this year with 207,979 really lucky adventurers. This is the first year in Gen Con history that all attendee badges were sold before the convention began. Fortunately, KaiWDK was able to go and had an awesome experience. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the convention, Gen Con is the largest gaming convention in North America. The convention lasts for 4 days, and is currently hosted in the city of Indianapolis. This year, the convention expanded to Lucas Oil Stadium where they hosted a life size 10,000 square foot True Dungeon.

An interview with KaiWDK

Tavern Lore: How many hours did you sleep during the best 4 days in gaming?

KaiWDK: Sleep? Oh… umm… in total, about 12. Maybe less, I don’t know.

Tavern Lore: That’s hardcore. Good job! What are some of the events you attended?

KaiWDK: I attended the yoga for gamers which was basically yoga, but with a bunch of nerdy people to talk to while I awkwardly stretched and bent into goofy positions.

Then there was the the Acrobatica Infiniti Circus, which featured talented people who cosplayed while performing tricks that fit the theme of their costume. For example, the little mermaid belly danced to the remixed version of “Under the Sea”. Mario and Luigi juggled. Princess Peach did a pole dancing performance. It was pretty badass. I also attended an event in which I was able to make my own chainmail dice bag.

A black and pink chainmail dice bag square.

A woman in a little mermaid costume.

Tavern Lore: Who were you most excited to meet?

KaiWDK: Mmm… Lisa Bowman-Steenson from Gut Bustin’ Games. She is one of the creators of Redneck Life, which is a game that I enjoy playing with friends. It’s like the game of Life… with a redneck theme. Lisa was funny and very enthusiastic. She was a very chill individual and she was excited to be there. I probably shouldn’t tell the world the details, but she played a funny prank on my grandmother that was hilarious.

Tavern Lore: Lisa sounds like she has a great sense of humor. How did your grandmother feel about the prank?

KaiWDK: Oh, she laughed about it too. We are still laughing about it. She also has a great sense of humor.

Tavern Lore: Alright, so what was the cheesiest pick up line that you heard?

KaiWDK: [Laughs] “Do you like poptarts, cause I have some in my bag”. I don’t know… umm… that was just the one where I remember thinking that the guy was funny. I think the cheesiest was, he basically said, “Damn girl, you rolled a nat 20 on charisma and I failed my saving throw to your bardic tune.”

Tavern Lore: Well you do have a high charisma! What was the best meal you had?

KaiWDK: The best food I had was at St. Elmos. It was incredibly expensive… but for a good reason. I had a steak with green beans and a white wine that someone recommended. It was delicious. Honestly, people will just have to go there and experience the food for themselves.  Fun fact about St. Elmos, they only have one appetizer, a shrimp cocktail that is doused in the devil’s spit… it was so spicy.

Tavern Lore: [laughs] Tell us about the dealers hall. What did you purchase?

KaiWDK: The dealers hall is where I lived, partially because I got lost in it so many times. It was basically a giant nerd market where one could find everything that is awesome in one place. If you want armor, they have armor. If you want books, they have books. If you want chainmail underwear, they have that too. Though, in my opinion, the scalemail underwear is prettier. People were also selling their artwork. A lot of places sold dice or cosplay items. Of course, there were also many booths to buy games. There are also a lot of geeky shirts in the dealers hall. I could have purchased an entire wardrobe there.

The author’s corner was there too. I got to talk to Margaret Weis and her daughter Lizz Weis. They were at their booth signing autographs. I asked Lizz what her favorite book was and she said, “Well obviously the one I wrote with my Mom!” so I had to get it! I was excited. Lizz was excited. Margaret was excited… and the random gal next to me was excited. It’s called The Warrior Angel . I’m already on chapter 5 of the book and loving it.

The cover of Warrior Angel by Margaret and Lizz Weis. A man stands on a bridge with a full moon behind him.

Tavern Lore: That’s great. Margaret Weis is an amazing person. It sounds like Lizz is too!

KaiWDK: I can confirm that is true!

The dealer hall sounds great. So many items that you obviously can’t get everything you want. What do you wish you could have purchased?

KaiWDK: The weapons! Some were weapons from games and others were just really cool. Taking a spear on a plane isn’t the most viable option though. I also wanted to get a lot of the crafting items. Oh my goodness, thinking about it, there was a kraken d20 that was perfect for the ultimate gamer. I want it. Badly. I just couldn’t afford it. Three other people were standing at the booth with me and drooling over it. Some of us were whimpering because we couldn’t buy it.

A 20-sided die that has kraken tenticles.

Tavern Lore: Maybe you can get it next year. What else can you tell us about Gen Con?

KaiWDK: It’s definitely gotten much bigger. It was harder than I remember to get into events and harder to find places. There is a stereotype that gamers aren’t athletic, but if you were to see them at Gen Con, carrying all their loot, you might think “Dang, they’ve got muscles.” Everyone there is super friendly. If someone wasn’t having fun or was getting frustrated, others would immediately go over and help them or ask them to join a game. Oh, and I hatched so many eggs while playing Pokemon Go there and I had the opportunity to play it with people who are still playing. My home town is kind of small, so I don’t have that option as much as I’d like.

Tavern Lore: Catch anything interesting?

KaiWDK: I caught a couple new Pokemon: an Octillery, a Piloswine, and a Clefairy.

Tavern Lore: Alright, well thank you for sharing with us!

KaiWDK: Yeah, thanks for listening! The Jack of all Trades always enjoys telling a good tale.

A dragon and the words Gen Con made out of balloons.
Adventurers got together on Sunday to slay the Gen Con Dragon. It was epic.

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