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Extra Credits: Because Games Matter

We are excited to share a YouTube channel that we absolutely love with you. Truly, every time our Lore Master visits this channel, she gets lost in it for hours and we have to send out a search party for her. The Extra Credits channel focuses on game design and development as well as issues and ideas that are unique to the gaming industry. Anyone who has interest in creating games could learn valuable lessons from these geniuses.

If you’re here at Tavern Lore, you probably understand the value of games in society. You may even have had the experience of trying to explain the importance of games to your friends and family who simply don’t understand or who hold on to outdated stereotypes about gaming. The following Extra Credits videos share the tales of three amazing people who have been impacted by gaming in ways that almost anyone can appreciate.

The story of Sara Winters:

The story of Daniel Starkey:

The story of Zhenghua Yang:

Watch more Extra Credits at: http://www.youtube.com/extracredits

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