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Epic Bards: Skyrim

Bards are extraordinarily important to society. They are responsible for telling the tales of adventurers like you. Who doesn’t enjoy heroic tales of battle, revenge, romance, and lust? Many adventurers have stopped to listen to the bards in Skyrim who have been professionally trained at the Bards College in Solitude. Others have been so inspired by Skyrim that they become bards themselves.

Dan Bull – Skyrim Bard Rap

If you play Skyrim and haven’t heard of Dan Bull, you’re missing out. He’s an incredibly clever rapper who portrays the essence of Skyrim well.

Miracle of Sound – Nord Mead

If rapping isn’t your thing, you can give Miracle of Sound a listen. Gavin Dunne is a musical genius and Nord Mead is the ultimate drinking song for any tavern gathering.

Maluka – The Dragonborn Comes and The Song of the Dragonborn combined

There are many renditions of the bard songs of Skyrim. Maluka has a beautiful voice that brings life to the language of the dragons.

We would love to hear who you consider to be an Epic Skyrim Bard. If you have a bard in mind, leave a comment below!


  1. Miracle of Sound is great! Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens have a nice rendition of the Skyrim theme song.

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