Silhouette of a female warrior and three half-naked men.

Dragon Age Poem: The Toast

When I played Dragon Age for the first time, someone spoiled the trials of a Grey Warden quest line by providing key information to me about what happens during the quest. Now, if you have not played the game and do not want to know what happens, this is the point where you should turn away.

Spoiler Alert

What was the information provided? I was informed that the members of my party were going to die. I didn’t know how or when exactly, only that it happened fairly early on in the game. Knowing this, I sought to make the best of the situation by removing the clothing and items that the other characters had equipped. I figured that I could probably sell the items next time I was in town. I gave those men purpose.

So, there I was, running around the Korcari Wilds with a group of half-naked men who were aggressively pursuing and punching wolves, when my daughter walked in. She looked mortified, or maybe traumatized, and cautiously asked, “What are you doing?” all the while thinking something to the effect of, “Wait until Dad hears about this”. Imagine my attempt at explaining the reason for my choice! The concept was simply beyond her at that point.

We laugh about it now and  it has become a tradition that any time we start a new game, we undress the men and run through the wilds and watch them punch things, even though we now know when they will die.

The Toast

I led an army of half-naked men,

Who followed me through the Korcari Wilds,

We went in circles and trampled the glen,

If only that was the worst of our trials,

There were wolves to kill and darkspawn to fight,

The bards tell tales of a witch in the vale,

An immortal power despite the blight,

Fears cast aside, we stayed on the trail,

Collecting vials of corrupted blood,

We toasted our lives and all took a drink,

A half-naked man went down with a thud,

Into the rift he was cast from the brink,

The darkness prevailed before his last breath,

For I was to profit from his quick death.


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  1. I remember that part of DA:O quite fondly. A truly sinister moment from Duncan.


    Are you aware nowadays that upon Daveth and Jory’s deaths, you automatically acquire all of their inventory anyway?

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