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Change is Here!


Let’s talk about adaptation for a few minutes. All games require some degree of critical thinking, flexibility and the ability to learn from mistakes. Players need to be flexible in their decisions and be able to problem solve as game conditions change in order to succeed. Understanding where a plan went wrong and changing the approach based on this understanding is the key to success.

With that said, in order for Tavern Lore to be successful, major changes need to be made. The plan for Tavern Lore ran askew when the owner of Tavern Lore accidentally purchased the wrong service for content management. Without getting into too many details, two entirely different companies happen to have the same name and a logo that would be the same if it weren’t for a difference in color. This led her to believe that she had plenty of options for creating dynamic content. It was quite disappointing to learn that this was not the case. The need for change was evident immediately and changes were originally slated to happen in March of 2018, but it will be easier and less expensive to make these modifications before Tavern Lore’s audience grows any further.

Tavern Lore will be starting over from scratch with a service that will be limited only by our Lore Master’s technical abilities. All of the content that is currently available or scheduled will be transferred to a new system. Be forewarned, content may not look the same and it may take some time to transfer everything over. Our Lore Master will be reaching out to content creators individually, once she sees what options are available with the new service.

Now we get to the fun stuff. Let’s talk about how the change will improve Tavern Lore. Many of you have requested these options. Remember though, this will all take time.

Tavern Lore will be able to handle dynamic content including:

  • games
  • chat rooms
  • forums
  • social media engagement options (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Twitter, etc.)
  • surveys
  • polls
  • quizzes
  • member accounts
  • review tools
  • podcasts

Content creation will be temporarily suspended while everything is being transferred.

As always, your feedback is welcome.


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