A digital drawing of a knight.

Awesome Artists

Artists from all over the realm stepped into the Tavern today bearing gifts. They have generously agreed to allow us to showcase their work here at the Tavern. Of course, we want to ensure that every adventurer here has a little fun, so we have turned their artwork into a little quiz. Think you can name all of the video game characters featured at the Tavern today?

First things first:

Creating art takes time, practice, and dedication. So we want to thank the individuals who have freely given their time and shared the outcome of their practice and dedication with us today.

We have included a list of the artists and a link to a website where you can find their work below the quiz. Be sure to show them the love and support that they deserve.

Another note:

Some of the characters in this quiz only have a first name, while other’s include a last name, title, or in one particular case… a species. If there may be more than one answer for a question, we have included an information icon that will provide you with a little more detail regarding the answer that we are looking for.

A blue icon with the letter "i" in it.


Ralukiz on Deviant Art

waterdragonslayer on Deviant Art

MarkusBogner on Facebook

alaskalana on Deviant Art

randygreen on Deviant Art

capconsul on Deviant Art

kitty9o on Deviant Art

poisonnova on Deviant Art


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