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We get really excited about new games here at the Tavern and love to share our ideas and opinions about games with you. We thought it might be nice to shake things up a bit and ask you, Adventurers, for your opinions too. We posted the following question to our gaming community via Discord server, Facebook, and Twitter:


What new RPG in the making are you most looking forward to playing and why?

AspenWDK’s Response: Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate

I’m quite fond of Betrayal at House on the Hill and Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is essentially the same game, but reskinned with D&D themes. If you aren’t familiar with Betrayal at House on the Hill, it’s a board game in which players enter a house and explore it. At some point, one of the players betrays the others and everyone is given a set of conditions for winning the game. The entire game is randomized, so it’s never the same game twice.

MuroKhan’s Response: The Secret of Mana Remake

I’ve seen initial gameplay footage to see that they’ve kept it faithful to the source material, only giving it the graphical upgrade it needed, and… I suppose the voice acting works. Even the little things they’ve added, from the mini-map being a pixel representation of its original layout, and even them reusing the SNES boss-battle theme tickles my nostalgia just enough to warrant a buy.

Cogito’s Response: Divinity Original Sin 2

I have some friends that are very hypey about it and it is infectious. It seems like Baldur’s Gate, but done in a much better modern style. I hear there is a DM thing to where you can make your own campaigns with your friends, which sounds pretty nifty.
My buddy just said, “They built it with DnD in mind. You can play any DnD campaign in the game.”

A smiley a look of shock on his face. We have exciting news for you Cogito. Divinity Original Sin 2 was released today! Woot!

Katana’s Response: Identity

It’s an entirely different kind of MMO in the sense where the game play isn’t all about leveling up and fighting. Players can purchase real estate, choose an occupation, and get involved in all kinds of activities. For example, there are cinemas that play real movies around the clock and there is an art gallery that features players work. Players can also read and write real books. The developers also worked in a karaoke bar where people can actually sing karaoke through their microphones.

Edenlord’s Response: Anthem

The graphics for Anthem look great and there are exosuits! I am looking forward to playing this game with all of my friends. *Drools*

Kerstin’s Response: Final Fantasy VII Remake

The original Final Fantasy was my introduction to RPGs and I have been following the series since, so it’s really exciting to see FFVII being remade. Seeing the trailer for the FFVII remake really brings back memories of exploring Midgar and having my heart broken by a specific moment in the game. No spoilers here. I am really hoping that the remake will break the hearts of a new generation.

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